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temporada tocÓ tierra en florida y dejo destrucciÓn, y hay zonas costeras afectadas. y para saber hacia dÓnde se dirige, este fenÓmeno, lo que podemos esperar en prÓximos dÍas, estÁ con nosotros nuestro meteorÓlogo eduardo droiinges. >>> quÉ tal buenas noches. >>> quÉ snernls. >>> la tormenta se ha debilitado, pero todavÍa va a continuar dejando bastante lluvia principalmente en la costa este y aquÍ tenemos la ubicaciÓn en estos momentos prÓxima a jacksonville entro como sistema y 65 millas por hora vientos mÁximos pero se ha debilitado mucho y mientras este sobre tierra debe continuar debilitÁndose y tenemos esta zona wlurngs especie de barrera que no le va permitir nunca mover ners esta direcciÓn y la lluvia principal es no estÁn en el centro, si vive en esta zona estÁn en gran parte del sur de carolina del sur y norte, georgia pero se van a extender hasta aquÍ y el corredor de la i 95 con al menos 48 horas lluvia y parte de esta actividad afecta ellir a de la florida en alguno sector loss acumulados mÁximos han sido de dos pulgadas pero lo principal los tornados. >
happened in florida. it's been a stuff day. also tornado concerns in parts of tampa around sarasota, pinellas county. look at that the waves crashing over that famous walkway in tampa. they're getting blasted. the storm is on the move. it will be in south carolina and georgia next. we'll show you what we're watching. it's all about moisture. if you're thinking about this as a wind threat, think again. not only are we watching the moisture from andrea, we're watching the storm north of memphis. those two will con sol date and go up the coast. that is of concern. moisture built on top of us, 2 to 4 inches of rain. we could be talking maybe an isolated tornado threat. so we're live outside. it's raining. guys, we'll send it back in to you. >> you want to stay on top of the storm, check ot our special section at the top of the page with the latest on tropical storm andrea. >>> andrea may not be the one that knocks out the electricity but it could be the next one. get started early. >> don harrison went shopping to get ready. >> reporter: as ominous clouds hover over this hardware store,
's an isolated threat of a tornado. eight tornadoes officially down in florida with 20 reports. florida getting hammered. look at this. tropical storm andrea pushed across florida today dumping heavy rains and flooding roads. the first the named storm of the hurricane season formed yesterday bringing winds up to 60 miles an hour across florida. as sam champion, planed, tornadoes have been an issue. >> we've had tornado warnings all around. the feeder bands work off the gulf. >> reporter: at least eight tornadoes have touched down in florida, forges families to take cover. >> i grabbed her. >> while no one was hurt, residents are left cleaning up the damage. >> it's amazing. so many hurricanes and this comes through a block wide. it's intense. >> reporter: the storm is fast moving, heading next to georgia and the carolinas where the threat is clearing out beaches and chasing away some tour evidents. >> we'll just hunker down. >> andrea is not a big storm but a big rain maker, unfortunately, in an inop or tune -- inopportune time. back to jamie. >> listen, you need this more than ever. be prepare
rain. yellow, orange. heavy rain across south florida. a center of circulation off the coast. looks like it will be making it inland over florida later today. and that's going to move up the east coast. i'll show you that track coming up. for the morning hours, a cloudy morning. we'll stay in the 60s through 10:00 and by noontime, low 70s under a cloudy sky. sunrise is at 5:43. a look at the latest track on andrea and the rest of the day in ten minutes. how's traffic? >> checking on things in montgomery county. here's what's happening. as you travel university boulevard eastbound at dennis avenue, the crash here is forcing you to turn off either left or right on university boulevard while crews are working to clear it. volume is light. again very light volume eastbound. be aware of that as you make your commute. also caution for folks driving connecticut avenue southbound just south of the beltway. you'll see the right lanes blocked because of paving. we saw this yesterday. just the left lane gets by. >> thank you. 4:33. richard jordan at the live desk with breaking news. >> we're w
season plans to dump several inches of rain on florida before moving up the east coast. >> we went over to the building, you know, can you hear us, can you hear us, say something. we tried to find the people. >> a deadly building collapse in philadelphia kills six people, while the search for survivors lasts through the night. >>> and new hope for a 10-year-old girl in desperate need for a lung trance plant. a judge clears the way for her to get on an adult recipient list. >> if we did not stand up and do something, we would just sit there and watch her die. >>> and golden ticket. the last month's record-setting powerball jackpot comes forward to claim her multimillion dollar prize. captioning funded by cbs june 6, >r >>> thp >>> this is news" for i'm . >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, june 6, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning the first tropical storm of this year's atlantic hurricane season andrea is bearing down on the gulf coast of florida. rough seas and increasing winding are already affecting florida's southwest coast
started severe weather in florida and now it is headed our way. >> we are tracking that. it is our first named storm of the system. it is off the northwestern coast of florida. this will impact us here locally by tomorrow. taking a look outside right now. a fair amount of forecast. fair amount of sunshine peeking through. this is along the 81 corridor. a couple of sprinkles possible. mid-'70s right now. upper 60s to the west. the showers are working their way from west to east. tomorrow a better chance of widespread showers. some of those could be on the heavier side. cloudy near 70. could be some slowdown in dallas as well. out west plenty of sunshine and mild weather. coming up, the details on how much rain we get in what is the upcoming weekend forecast. back to you. >> think you. reality is setting in after a fire to stories and iconic pc store. -- thank you. -- and iconic dc store. suzanne kennedy reports. >> firefighters continue to work this morning on the shell of the business that used to be freighter's hardware. residents gathered and stared in disbelief at this well-known stor
>> right now the first tropical storm of the atlantic season is pounding florida. >> tropical storm andrea is already downing power lines and snapping trees across the state. tropical storm warnings are on the east coast all wait the way virginia. we begin our coverage with jay gray in redding beach, florida. >> tropical storm andrea rushed across the florida peninsula, hitting some coastal communities while inland, the biggest concern seems to be tornadoes, spawned by the first-named storm of the season. in palm beach county, power lines and trees were pulled down, windows shattered, debris scattered for blocks after a funnel touched down. >> most of the roof is still on top of the house. pieces of tin are hanging in the power lines and over in the lake, and it's just done a lot of devastation for 15 seconds of fear. >> reporter: for emergency teams and businesses along the florida coast, andrea is an early warning for what could be a tough tropical season. >> you usually expect it like a month or so into the season, but this is amazing. >> reporter: for most tourists, the storm is
florida from the circulation of tropical storm andrea with winds right now of about 45 miles an hour to 50 miles an hour. looks like it's going to cross the florida coast by later this afternoon. this is the position by 2:00 a.m. on friday and then here's the position by friday afternoon right here the mouth of the bay and then by 2:00 a.m. on saturday off the jersey coast. close enough to give us downpours tomorrow with blustery winds. for today, a cloudy morning. we'll have temperatures by noontime into the mid 70s. a look at the rest of this day. rain on the way. details in ten minutes. how's traffic? >> good morning. it's light volume in the area but a couple of trouble spots. i'm still keeping my eye on it in silver springs university boulevard here. this is what's happening at dennis. earlier crash is forcing you as you travel eastbound to either make a left or right on dennis avenue while they still clear the accident scene. volume is light so you can work your way around that. also paving. this is connecticut avenue from the beltway as soon as you head southbound you'll see the rig
bucks for experiences, including vacations and dining out. still to come, why florida's favorite fruit is in danger. that's later on. but first, college may soon become even more expensive for students. ways to prepare for the daunting cost of a degree, next with bill moller. in the past, angie has talked about the fact that the government student loan rate could possibly double just a few weeks from now on the first of july. but the fact is, even if congress keeps rates where they are - just under 3.5% - college loan debt is still way out of control. so what can a family do to keep a college education within budget? ted beck is the ceo of the national endowment for financial education, or nefe. ted, how bad is it right now? - the numbers are a little intimidating. we are showing that about 70% of the people who are graduating from school right now are graduating with debt, and the average is about $27,000. so if you see that doubling happen, that's about $1,000 per student. that's a pretty significant number. - and there they are in their lowest-income-earning years, facing all that d
60 miles per hour. it's already raining heavily right now in florida. some areas could see as much as eight inches of rain. tom kierein is here with what to expect. >> we're starting off with increasing clouds. a mild morning. temperatures are in the low to mid 60s in the nearby suburbs in prince george's county, montgomery, arlington and fairfax. mid 60s in the district of columbia. all around the region low to mid 60s. a few sprinkles of light rain in the shenandoah valley and mountains of west virginia. let's zoom down to florida. areas in yellow and orange heavy downpours across most of florida now. there's the circulation of tropical storm andrea. the first one of this 2013 season. here is the brand new updated track. this just came in. does look like it will pass just west of jacksonville, florida, by late today. then here's the position. 2:00 a.m. on friday right near savannah, georgia, could track anywhere within this zone and come close enough to give heavy downpours during the day on friday. here's the position at 2:00 a.m. on saturday off the atlantic seaboard. be prepar
welcome back everyone to st. petersburg, florida. before the break we asked true or false, it's important to match your dog's nutrition to his activity level. let's go to bryan with the answer. >> the answer is true. the riga diet of high fat and proseen can help. find out more at >> lots of good information there for dog owners and you think about nutrition and wanting to make sure your best friend's doing well, has a lot of good information. >> i spoke to bryan earlier today and he had a lot of mazing things that i didn't know about. i have two rescue dogs and he got me up to speed how the nutrition works. and here's dotcom, cracker, bailey and >> dotcom in the black first out of the start gate. first through the tunnel. all the way through the course. followed up by cracker. but wow, he just accelerate and flips open and there you go. that's our camera we look at to see who goes through the tunnel first, second and third in order to advance. pretty clean race on that one of the we have our top three dogs going to the finals. >> thanks. who will join
charleston. just experiencing a massive wave of rain. you see the center of andrea over north central florida now. winds 45 miles per hour. the storm weaken some but still tropical storm watches. more specifically here locally, we think this storm will lost all of its wind potential. still flash flood concerns as we get several inches of rain. some pockets of 4-inch of rain. it's already raining tonight. we'll talk more about how things will develop through friday. >>> it's coming up the coast. north carolina just now feeling the impact of the storm. officials prepared more anything. closing a park, canceling a fireworks display. all boaters get off the water tomorrow. people in the area have vivid memory. >> we had no hot water for two weeks. >> while heavy rein hit north carolina, the worse of it is expected to hit that area overnight. >> >> the french will go to normandy to take care of the graves. one man name bruno and his family. >> in all the god's house, like jonathan told david as he was sending him away, pastor tomorrow is accessible and you will be missed. >> later today. new shilo
to you. >> we'll continue our coverage. we have been showing you damage from florida where andrea made landfall. take a look. this is what it looked like. a storm brought the high winds. and people on the coast they to take cover. a family took shelter. this is one vacation they will never forget. >> this is craze. >> and we could sigh the toward going that way. we saw this. but was close to us. >> and the path is similar to debby. that dumped two feet of rain in the area causing major flooding in that area. >> first a phone call now your casts. and it is tracking you on line. and it refeels that the security agency can tap directly into the servers of nine companies aible to see everything from google e-mails to facebook photos. the programs started back in 2007 during the bush administration and renewed by congress. it does not target anyone in the u.s. only focusing on suspected foreign terrorists overseas. >> we have to be able to get the data that can prevent plots from hatching and americans being killed. >>> and the nsa has been collecting phone call records from every american
storm andrea strikes florida, bringing dozens of tornadoes, 15 lightning strikes a minute, and 90 million people in its path. >>> top secret. the private phone records of millions and millions of americans turned over to the government. is all fair game in the war on terror? >>> and caught on tape. how a woman survived under a collapsed building for 13 hours. >>> good evening. as we come on the air, 90 million americans are in a new storm zone. tropical storm andrea has come ashore in florida, with a spray of tornadoes and a lot of water. and it's getting ready to march north. abc's weather editor sam champion leads us off right now from cedar key, florida. sam? >> reporter: good evening, diane. this tropical storm spent all day working up the gulf coast of florida and burst in strength, passed by us and turned inland, at 5:40 this evening, making landfall east coast time, in the big bend area of florida. that's day one of a three-day involvement for the east coast with tropical storm andrea. tropical storm andrea, this first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season, brought 6
. >>> y la primera tormenta tropical de la temporada toca tierra en la florida pero ya avanza laza costa oeste dÓnde se esperan lluvias. >>> y comenzamos con la ediciÓn nocturna. >>> ♪. >>> este es su noticiero univisiÓn. ediciÓn nobling turna con ilia calderÓn y enrique acevedo. >>> muy buenas noches y ilia tiene el dÍa libre. >>> 165 inmigrantes y 7 menores edad fueron exaltados por soldados mexicanos tras estar secuestrados en una casa muy cerca de la ciudad en texas, y la mayorÍa son centroamericanos y fueron entregados a sus captores mientras intentaban cruzar la frontera hacia los estados unidos y bilma tiene la historia. >>> esta guarida dÓnde el ejÉrcito descubriÓ a un grupo de 165 inmigrantes secuestrados, puso al descubierto la manera como estÁn operando traficantes de humanos, este caso muestra la alianza que existe entre polleros y coyotes y secuestradores, de ecuador ates ti moins, ellos fueron contactados por los coyotes que les prometieron que los cruzarÍan ilegal ato estados unidos, por la frontera. >>> y cuando estaban a punto de cruzar a estados unidos, un
of the country for the eastern regionals in st. petersburg, florida. the top dogs from the east compete for the remaining spots for the national championships in st. louis. you're watching the "purina proplan incredible dog challenge" next. temperatures in the mid 80s on a beautiful day here in saint pieceersberg, florida. we're ready for the "purina proplan incredible dog challenge". >> hey, everyone. welcome to spa beach park and i'm trace joined and the eastern regional championships. you see the dedication and the passion and the entertainment side. but perhaps what people don't understand these guys are like olympic athletes >> they truly are. they put in the time and the practice and the repetition and all of that in order to compete at "purina pro plan incredible dog challenge" level -- at "purina pro plan incredible dog challenge" level of and the bond and the team work that we see between these pairs that gives you the great performances you'll see out on the field. >> throughout the hour we'll see the jack hustle racing and the diving dogs but we'll kick it off with sp
living in florida are feeing the power of tropical storm andrea as it moves ashore. in nearby gulf port mississippi, winds up hoot rooted trees. -- up rooted trees. residents are working together to clean up damage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are tracking where andrea is now and the impact on maryland. >>> take a look at radar, pretty nice display here for maryland. there's plenty of rain on the radar and most of the activity going on across portions of florida is beginning to move now into georgia and carolinas. that's the tropical moisture that will continue to flow in the next 24 hours. we expect to see the heaviest rain across our region. look at the satellite picture. if you see the storm moving to the north and northeast, eventually it will head out. it's moving quickly. by the time it gets to the region, right now it's moving around 17 miles per hour. the pressure dropped a little bit, but it's going to start weakening tonight if it's coming ashore in northern florida, and it will continue to bring rain, however, to our region. that's the major issue we're looking at
on the air, 90 million americans are in a new storm zone. tropical storm andrea has come ashore in florida, with a spray of tornadoes and a lot of water. and it's getting ready to march north. abc's weather editor sam champion leads us off right now from cedar key, florida. sam? >> reporter: good evening, diane. this tropical storm spent all day working up the gulf coast of florida and burst in strength, passed by us and turned inland, at 5:40 this evening, making landfall east coast time, in the big bend area of florida. that's day one of a three-day involvement for the east coast with tropical storm andrea. tropical storm andrea, this first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season, brought 60-mile-an-hour winds and driving rain. and andrea's squall lines are spawning multiple tornadoes. that's expected to continue throughout the night. utility workers peeled debris from power lines in sun city center, florida, after a unconfirmed tornado touched down. one of at least 12 tornadoes reported so far. near palm beach, a reported twister left nabelgds in pieces. ripping patios off houses,
marathon snoo a florida judge has deny d >> he is facing second degree murder charges. he has admitted to killing trayvon martin but he says it was done in self-defense. >> chrysler is issuing a recall. the auto maker sites two reasons, they want to fix the ftware error, this effects 2010-2012 s.u.v.s. meanwhile, 2012 and 2013 wranglers have steering problems that could cause a fluid leak. >> he's 91 years old and is in the hospital. he's having an operation to explore some stomach problems. it was pre-planned. >> we turn back to the weather as we track tropical storm andrea and it is over florida right now and it will head over the east coast. >> sure, it's on june but get ready, the storm is headed our way. andrea is heading through florida dumping rain and flooding roads. andrea is packing sustained winds up to 60 miles an hour and bringing with it the threat of tornadoes. that is probably our biggest risk. everyone has to watch out and follow the tornado watches. >> people took cover from one of the twisters and it left a lot to clean up. >> i got my daughter and went into the bath
friendly florida. the tax reformers are winning at the state level. doctor marc siegel is here talking obamacare. star of shark tank tanks it is just fine to invest vest with friends. really? he will be here as well. ♪ ♪ stuart: look at this on a monday morning. this is a solid rally. it is all about her nagy. charles is with me. are you ready to admit to the the feet? charles: >> i cannot wait for a pullback. you sell it, i will buy it. stuart: because they are selling the index fund, the owners will have to sell. charles: it creates a great value for a great company. charles: 16,000. that is when i will and did it. his money is not hitting the stock market too big right now. it just really is not moving the needle. the number is justin. fifty-two. highest level since 2006. a positive element for the housing market. stuart: the homebuilders are really odd. [ laughter ] charles: you do not want to follow them. stuart: you got it right once. give me three winners from the dow jones industrials. nicole: it is easy to find the winners today. cisco systems, dupont. jpmorgan up nearly 2
about. >> tropical storm andrea is bearing down on florida with 60 miles per hour winds and landfall is expected soon. rip tides from the storm are sparking water rescues all along the gulf shore. vehicles and trees are being tossed about and water is quickly rising and you're looking live right now at, okay, we are going to look at clear water florida in a little bit, but for right now, wjz has first warning weather coverage of tropical storm andrea. meteorologist tim williams is tracking this storm and the updated path on its potential impact on maryland. tim. >>> well, mary, you know this storm is of course the first named storm of the year. let's go to it and give you an idea. our satellite imagery shows this is 55 miles south, southwest of cedar key florida, and it's being pulled up and across the east coast. right on up the the coastline. as of the 2:00 update, it is a tropical storm, winds at 60 miles per hour sustained. the movement is to the northeast at 17 miles per hour. the pressure has dropped just a little bit, and as we know, the pressure dropping is an indication that
now under way along georgia's coast and tropical storm andrea raced across florida today, pelting a wide region with rain and flooding roads. spawning at least eight tornadoes. florida governor rick scott says he's thankful adreea has been a fast-moving storm, meaning it didn't give time to dump rain and cause serious flooding. more weather related damage in oklahoma. ground beneath an outbuilding gave way because of the rising river. oklahoma has been hit with days of heavy rain part of a series of weather systems pummeling the state since last week. just yesterday, authorities raised the death toll from the massive tornado in the town of el reno to 20. and i'm spencer chis chin hot weather coming up, volunteers here in the bay area made to help young victims of the oklahoma tornado. >> the woman whose kind gesture may have kept her from winning the biggest power ball jackpot in history. the lessons she wants to teach >>> the condition of a dying 10-year-old pennsylvania girl in need of a lung transplant is apparently worsening. she has end stage cystic fi brobis. today the natio
it will be the next couple of days and the possibility of a "spare the air", too. >> what residents in florida are facing as the first tropical storm of the sea >> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news more weather related problems in oklahoma and some residents east of oklahoma city are headed for higher ground as the river overflows the banks. this is a look at some of the damage already in the area with the ground below giving way. oklahoma was hit with days of heavy rain part of a series of weather system that have pummeled the state. yesterday, authorities raised the death toll from friday's massive tornado to 20. >> the first tropical storm of the atlantic turk season is getting stronger, as it heads toward the florida western cost, andrea is bringing drenching rain to the state. this is how it looked in clearwater yesterday. strong winds from the storm caused minor damage in sun city center and has spawned six tornado this morning. >> you have been tracking andrea's path? >> it is about to come ashore right now on the florida coast and it looks
getting hammered or the east or west side of florida getting hammered by the rain. they are also getting wind. us, we will be dealing with the rain into friday afternoon, friday evening. that's going to be the worst of it for us. this morning though as you step out the door, temperatures aren't too bad. a little warmer than yesterday coming in at 67 right now in baltimore. as the kids head out to bus this morning this is what they can expect. temperature around 64, dry but by this afternoon, make sure they have the rain gear. temperature at 68. now the traffic with lauren. >>> well, we do have trouble on route 295. we do have a crash northbound at the beltway. now, if you are heading out to the west side of the beltway, this is a live look at interstate 70. inner loop clear as well as the outer loop. it will take just 12 minutes from 795 down to 95. there are no problems on the beltway. 55 miles per hour on the outer loop, and everything will remain in great shape as we make our way on the harrisburg expressway. traffic is moving right along, not much of it and everything will remain in
and it is going to make land fall around florida big bend later in the afternoon. it pushes through georgia and all the way up to the carolinas. with that we will start to get in on the heavy rain on friday afternoon and friday evening. let's check on the traffic now with lauren. >> reporter: good news for thoseover you traveling downtown, a crash has been cleared on the northbound lanesover 895. no problems through the harbor tunnel. wish i could say the same for beltway. speeds really falling. 41 miles per hour on the outer loop at liberty road and just 29 on the outer loop at baltimore national pike. it will take 15 minutes from 795 down to 95. there are no problems though on the beltway from parkville to townsend. it is nice and clear here. it will remain as you get on to the jfx and downtown. >> it is 6:44. she was the last victim from the bombing to return home. when we greeted her at the airport, erika said the one thing she wanted to do is thank the woman who saved her life. it didn't take long for friends to track down her angel and for the angel to fly to baltimore to meet erika.
. in 28 counties in florida 77 percent people pled guilty. many after arrest can spend months in jail. this is becoming more and more evident as prosecutors raise the stakes. we have seen more crimes increase in terms of severity. as a result of this more cases are settling through plea bargains but not necessarily because they are guilty but they have no choice. they are often handled by poorly paid inexperienced lawyers. very rarely are new trials granted. even here in san francisco we have struggled to fill three investigators positions for the last six months and we have hundreds of cases that need the attention of an investigator. so today we are going to study the aftermath of gideon and discuss what has to happen in order to fix it. i want to thank everyone who has made today so possible, all of you for being here. i want to thank or sponsors, kicker and van ness and jim and douglas and maratel and investigations. i would like to thank all the volunteers who made this possible. kathy, angela and everyone else who helped out today. i want to express my gratitude to the san fran
far this year. now we're talking tropical storm andrea making its way through parts of florida. tropical storm warnings up for portions of tampa all the way up toward portions of the florida gulf coast. now, what we're going to be seeing is this storm making its way our way. take a look at the moisture. once again, i think the rain will be the biggest issue but now we have to watch out for some wind because the hurricane centering, watch what happens here. it brings it up in through portions of the gulf coast and right up through portions of the southeast, right off our coastline and also keeps it as a tropical storm. meaning we could be seeing winds, tropical storm force, as a lot of us make our way down towards washington and to the beaches on friday and early saturday. i'll have much more coming up in just a minute. >>> up next, the search for a killer after a teenager was shot down just four blocks from his house in d.c. >>> an arrest following a sexual assault outside a local post office. how science helped police zero in on a suspect. >>> the first lady on the offensive,
so, abc2 news. >>> as we look at florida, you can see the center of andrea. interesting to see the sun. we have the well defined circulation last it comes in just north or actually about 100 miles north of tallahassee. this is the center making that official landfall. we look for a lot of that moisture to cap and continue to go up the cost. it's a large system that moisture already running up toward maryland. we'll dows look for wet weather. let's take you down to florida with some of the weather bug cameras. you can see in clear wart beach it's -- clearwater beach, it's worth looking at. the gulf is normally a calm body of water. different camera angle. you get an idea of what it will like around maryland as you look at the time lapse. clouds have rolled in a few showers but not a heavy steady rain at least for the central part. hagerstown is getting heavy rain. you see that on the state radar angle to the west. pretty heavy bands. this rain is tapping all the way south. there's the frontal boundary pushing out of the west. you add it all together and we have the potential for
it at glidlock goddess. >> residents in florida are assessing the damage left behind from tropical storm andrea. >> that storm brought flooding and tides that part of the state. >> toppled trees. flooded roads and charli: waters. -- choppy waters. governor rick scott urged people to get ready for more of these kinds of storms. >> this is a reminder for all floridians to get prepared. to be ready for hurricane season. >> those trying to heed that advice had to drive through flooded streets. those who got in the water found themselveses tossed around by the wind and waves. >> when we got out there at first it was not too bad but then it hit us like a blast. >> the system spawned two tornadoes. this woman was there on vacation. she describes the moment the tornado hit. >> i looked out the window. it was literally like it was coming off the ocean. it was so fast. one minute it was calm and you ould lardly hear anything. >> she rode out the storm in a closet and said it is her first encounter with such severe weather. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> stay with abc 7 for the latest on the forecast. a
, amanda. it is 5:03 now. while andrea is a tropical storm, it landed quite a punch to parts of florida. >> local utility companies are preparing for what andrea will bring up our way as it moves up our way. how are meteorologist preparing? >> -- how are folks preparing? >> as jackie mentioned a few minutes ago, we got some light rain. no wind. there is some puddling. the big story is the power outages. we checked in with the power companies and they have around 5,000 power outages. this apartment building just within the past 10-15 minutes, they got their power back on. one of the dreptses came out speaking to our crew this morning talking about the fact they already lost power this morning. the really big problems have been in florida. tropical storm andrea making landfall in florida yesterday. the storm caused damage there. a suspected tornado ripped through parts of gulfport, florida outside of tampa. also there is a suspected twister that moved through areas of palm beach county, florida. the storm has lost some of its intensity as it makes its way up the coast. expect it to bring
get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> our starting point extreme weather, florida in the thick of it as a tornado touches down. now a tropical storm moving right in. >> hold the phone. the government is reportedly collecting details on millions and millions of calls. the question is why. >> a deadly building collapse and an unbelievable rescue. we go live to philadelphia for the latest. >>> and the jackson family dealing with more heart ache as the king of pop's daughter reportedly tries to commit suicide. >> then -- a 10-year-old little girl and her family may have their prayers answered. an update on the little girl who so desperately needs a lung transplant. >> good morning. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. welcome to "starting point." tropical storm andrea, the first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season beginning to bear down on florida. parts of south florida are under a tornado watch. parts of central florida are under a tornado warning. the outer bands coming ashore on the state's west coast. a tropical storm warning is in effect from just n
andrea is bearing down on the gulf coast of florida. rough seas and increasing winding are already affecting florida's southwest coast. andrea has sustained winds of 45 miles per hour and is expected to make land fall near florida's big bend area by later today. herb rain and coastal flooding is expected. cbs's hurricane consultant david bernard is tracking the storm. for that matter for most of the east coast as well. our satellite and radar indicating already torrential rain spreading into the west coast of florida, and that trend is going to continue north, it looks like, over the next 24 hours. we have a tropical storm warning in effect from the big bend, florida, area to ft. myers region and a tropical storm watch along the southeast coast from flagler beach, florida, to north beach, north carolina. the rachbl potential between now and saturday, the yellow area could mean widespread 2 to 5 inches of rain and local amounts of 5 to 6 inches of rain. anywhere from florida to the northeast, you combine that with a cold front on the way, it looks like flooding could be a problem. i
of the season hits florida with high winds and trenorrential rains. tonight andrea takes aim at a broader area with tens of millions in its sights. >>> and hollywood's mermaid. a superstar from a bygone era who raised her sport. the one and only esther williams. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. i'm ann curry in for brian tonight. as new details are breaking about widespread government surveillance of americans, it turns out every time you pick up the phone the government has known what number you were dialing. a secret surveillance program is collecting telephone records of every single one of us. late today we learned of a separate and what could be a far more explosive government program tapping into e-mails and computer traffic. we begin with andrea mitchell. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ann. today's leak was only the tip of the iceberg. nbc news learned under the post 9/11 patriot act the government has been collecting records on every telephone call made in america. not only foreign calls. that's causing howls of outrage on twitter and by members of congress who ha
the distinguished lady from florida, ms. brown, for one moment. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized for one minute. ms. brown: thank you, mr. speaker. and to the members of the house, let me be clear, i will not be voting for this bill. i will vote for no bill that cuts $20.5 billion from the snap program. but i will be voting for this amendment. this amendment -- we had a hideous bill on the floor a couple of days ago and i want to be clear, i support all children nd it does not end in birth. it is ludicrous that we're here, , the dy-goody-two-shoes attack on children, the family of three can earn no more than $24,000 per year in income. 76% of the snap household include a child, a elderly person or a disabled person. because of this insensitivity of this congress, there was an announcement in my paper that meals on wheels for seniors are being cut. i am fighting for babies who need milk, families that cannot afford food for their children, support this amendment and vote against this bad bill. . the chair: the chair would inform the members the gentleman from minnesota has two minutes re
to the gentleman from florida on this legislation. >> thank you, mr. chair. ultimately we hope that the senate can agree on this and the administration regardless of what we hear. we'd love to have some compromise although it is important to debate this here today. here's what i know that's important to you, how much you're paying at the pump every single time you go and fill up. what you're paying at the pump is eating into what you pay for groceries, your rent, your mortgage, but house republicans right here right now have a plan to put more money in your pocket and save on the important stuff like your gas and your grocery bill. mr. radel: we started by approving the keystone pipeline and what we're debating here today is an energy agreement with mexico and the agreement encourages the development of energy resources in both countries developed both in the u.s. and in mexico. you know, it strikes me. right now we have this talk about illegal immigration and how we're going to prevent it in the united states. the best way is to make sure we have a strong economy south of the border. not only do
andrea. the radaror shows first storm or the hurricane season has already come onshore in florida. right now there's reports of heavy rain, wind and also some tornadoes.tornadoes the tampa bay area is under tornado watch right now. the national weather service says tropical storm andrea maximum sustained winds have increased about 65 miles per per hour. some parts of florida and southeastern georgia could get as much as 8 inches of rain. meantime in gulf port por mississippi the storm bringsbris trees and damaged property.propy there's reports of extensivensie damage but thankfully no reporto of injury.injury. experts say tropical storm storm andrea is not expected to become a hurricane n meantime back in k our area, too, a lot of people will be wondering what will thil mean in our area here in the region. >> it's not going to be aroundio for the weekend. we another system will come in behind. here is the good news with andrea. it does have winds at 65 and it won't become a hurricane, movini fast, though.fth what we don't like are the tropical storms that then slow n down and create huge
with fatally shooting trayvon martin in florida. the 17-year-old was not armed when he was shot. the defense says some of the witnesses fear for their safety. zimmerman is expected to go to trial next week. >>> so this is the year of the cicada, but many of us have yet to see any of them. however, some living in the region have been seeing the bugs already. you will meet them, when we come back. >>> when it comes to pedestrian safety, montgomery county police say both pedestrians and drivers absolutely share the blame for accidents. so so far this year we've had so many fatalities from people crossing the street. there have been some unusual circumstances. >> there have been. we've had 11 people killed so far this year, pedestrians killed so far this year. it's usually a 50/50 split between the driver's fault and the pedestrian's fault. had some odded circumstances this year. we had a person making a u turn. went up over the curve, hit someone who was sitting at a bus stop. we had a panhandler who was trying to get money from cars. he was standing in the median strip. two cars got in a crash
on a florida interstate gave first responders a unique challenge. inside the trailer were four alpacas. one of the animals had a heg injury and had to -- leg injury and had to be placed on a stretcher. the driver towing the trailer was taken hospital and is in stable condition. >>> an explosion rocked a campus at nyak college. seven people were injured including one person who was thrown from a second story window. all the injuries are nonlife threatening. a natural gas leak is the suspected cause but the investigation is ongoing. >>> the growing scandal surrounding the irs now includes that scathing treasury department report about overspending by the agency. it reveals that over $4 million was spent on a training conference in 2010. the irs was also under congressional scrutiny today for targeting conservative groups. >>> the leaders of six organizations testified how they spent years trying to gain tax exempt status only to be blocked by irs agents. three top irs officials have left the agency since the scandal broke. >>> the tornado that hit el reno, oklahoma, on friday is more powerful
. >> it is now up to florida's governor rick scott, a bill on his desk would spooep speed up execution. but should death penalty cases be fast tracked? >>> and case no. 3, he proudly wore the uniform as he allegedly gunned down his fellow soldiers on base, now he wants to plead guilty and we won't let him? the trial of major nadal hassan, ahead on justice. .hassan,ahead on justice. ahead on justice. i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. (girl) w(guy) dive shop.y? (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take
of florida. we bought the the live radar for you. you can see for yourself just what's happening here, heavy rain is in those pictures and gusty winds already pounding that state's west coast. a tropical storm warning is right now in effect from north of ft. meyers to south of tallahassee. that's a big swath. there is also a threat of tornadoes for the people who live in this area. our george howl is in clearwater, florida this morning with the conditions and it looks like as we watch the conditions deteriorate, it is getting tougher for to you report, george. >> reporter: ashley, absolutely. just a few minutes ago, we really had that wind coming in. we know that as this storm gets closer to us that center of circulation, we see sustained wend gusts -- wind gusts of 60 miles per hour, can get up to 70 at times, heim having to hold on to a few things for the make thur they don't blow away. yeah, these winds are picking up substantially out here. here's the thing, this is a more than tropical storm when you look at it. we're talking about flooding in different places. anywhere from three to si
storm andrea promising a soggy mess across florida as it blow as shore this afternoon. millions bracing for soaking rains and widespread flooding. they were out there filling up sandbags yesterday owing to protect their homes in the tampa area. last year, many homes were badly damaged by flooding from tropical storm debbie. >> with powerful wind and several inches of rain, andrea is going to /y) be a soaker. >> millions are in her way. meteorologist,mhp jim dickey, h the the latest fromtz good morning, jim. >> good morning. tracking our first named storm. tropical storm andrea. moving its way slowly north and eastward. rain is going to come down in buckets here across florida. as we head through the day. andrea, later on through65.u% t week. drifts up the eastern seaboard. 4 inches of rain. it will in the act with a front moving its way out of the great lakes here. likely heavy rainfall on tap. all the way from the southeast into new england. john, diana. back to you. off awe thank you, jim. here is a look at the rest of off to day's weather. the plains and upper midwest will enjoy a d
-two punch, a tornado touches down in florida as tropical storm andrea is just hours away. pummeling the state with wind, rain and floods. >>> big brother watching, new reports this morning that the u.s. government could be keeping an eye on your phone calls. >> like all of them. >>> and cry for help, michael jackson's daughter in the hospital this morning. after reported suicide attempt. good morning, everyone, welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. >>> we start with the first named storm of this year's atlantic hurricane season. it is taking direct aim at florida right now, tropical storm andrea is starting to bear down on that state's west coast. it spawned at least one tornado so far. a tropical storm warning is in effect from just north of ft. meyers to south of tallahassee. george howell joins us live by phone from clearwater. how do things like right now. >> reporter: good morning. this is definitely a rainmaker. a lot of heavy rain coming down. so much to the point where we've had a trouble getting a live signal out. a lot of rain coming down
to a florida courtroom today, as hundreds of potential jurors wait to be questioned. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> the record will reflect the presence of mr. zimmerman. >> reporter: george zimmerman, the man accused of killing an unarmed teenager in florida, in the courtroom as attorneys began trying to narrow a jury pool of about 500 people down to the 6 who will decide zimmerman's fate. >> could you estimate how many times you may have heard or read or talked about the case? >> reporter: the attorneys have questioned four potential jurors so far, focusing on what they may have already heard about that february night, that zimmerman says he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense. zimmerman's wife and brother in court here in sanford, florida, as he faces a second-degree murder charge. >> i believe it's an improper charge altogether. i wish they would just withdraw it. >> reporter: to many in this polarized central florida city, this is a case about race. not just for those who believe martin was targeted because he was black. but analysts say, in part, for the at
landfall in florida. >> people along florida's west coast were busy filling up sandbags ahead of the storm bracing for soaking rain and damaging floodsment for the very latest on andrea's path here's accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. >> good morning. we're tracking the first named storm, tropical storm andrea moving its way slowly north and eastward. rain will come down in bucks across florida as we head through the day. many spots along the track of andrea as it later on through the week into the weekend drifts up the eastern seaboard. upwards of 4 inches and interacts with a front moving out of the great lakes so likely heavy rainfall on tap from the southeast into new england. john and diana, back to you. >> thank you, jim. weather editor sam champion is there in florida and will have the latest coming up on "good morning america." >>> an army sergeant has pleaded guilty to killing 16 afghan men, women and children. robert bales told a military judge that there was not a good reason in this world for his actions. bales agreed to the guilty plea in order to avoid the death penalty. a
to get, coming up. >>> we have more coverage of the impact this storm is having on parts of florida. >> jay gray is at reddington beach. >> reporter: finally the rain has stopped here in north r reddi reddington beach. we have some sun peeking through. this storm is moving quickly through south florida. streets overrun by heavy rains, in some places over 3 inches an hour. that's something they will have to deal with and continue to deal with as we see pop-up showers on the back end of this storm. another big concern across the peninsula is tornadoes. there is warning in effect until 10:00 tonight, so a lot of people watching the weather to see what develops there. >>> along the coast, temperatures very good and getting better. that's the good news. that's the latest here. i'm jay gray. >> remember, you can stay on top of any storm any time with our news4 weather app. download it for free by searching nbcwashingtonweather. a man tried to assault a woman in her own home in the district. it happened in this exclusive neighborhood in the 2700 block of chesapeake street. pat collins join
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